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Complex care needs assessments


We offer a wide range of complex care needs assessments and case management for life changing, chronic, or degenerative neurological conditions. We are especially experienced in providing a service for those who have sustained serious or catastrophic injuries such as brain injury and spinal cord injury.

Our Services



Why choose us?

  • Experience in Neurology
  • Work with case managers with London Spinal Injury Centre
  • Bilingual case managers
  • All areas are covered with professional knowledge and background
  • A wide range of complex care needs assessments

man working on injury rehabilitation in specialised gym

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Our Values

  • Professional Collaboration
  • Resourceful & Approachable
  • Knowledge & Experience
  • Holistic Approach & Rehab
  • Individual Choices



Our Location

Our company is based in St Albans, which makes us excellently positioned to cover cases in London and the South East, to a maximum of a 3-hour car journey. We can carry out a range of complex care needs assessments, ensuring your client’s needs are robustly represented by our reports, and our team can also work as expert witnesses to help your clients get the support they require.