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Client 1 

SCI complete quadriplegic, male 28 years of age with mental health needs. This is an account of his rehabilitation case management to date.

Prior to seeing NJ Case Management:

Our client's legal case was settled, and he lived with his father and sister in a PVC build shed in the garden. There were family conflicts on a daily basis, and CCG had stopped the funding due to code of behaviour breaches, with too many incidents with carers and behavioural issues. He was paying carers privately, and changed care agencies very frequently, and thus was completely dependent on his father and sister. He was not going out and declined any rehabilitation programs. The client had a large dog and carers would not go in because of the dog. He was referred to us by his solicitors.


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Progress since NJ Case Management got involved:

Client had a new 4 bed bungalow wheelchair accessible ready for him to move in but he was unable to do that because he did not have stable care and suitable carers, and for that reason it was a high risk for him to move out.

We met the client in March and with the help of our rehabilitation case management he moved out to his new property in April. He now has reliable carers and he has every shift covered. We liaised with the CCG and facilitated a meeting. The CCG agreed to continue with the funding if we agreed to keep managing the case, which we did. Incidents occurred but with clinical supervision and working together with the client and the carers, the incidents reduced to 1 every 2 months (due to emotional challenges but understandable).

Our client started going out and visited his mother's grave, which he was unable to do before because of the lack of care and support and drivers. He continues to refuse mental health support but he agreed to physiotherapy, and visits a leisure centre weekly. We have been working with him for 2 years and 3 months now.



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CCG then added us to their list of providers and we are still working together with referrals and facing challenges together with great productivity and collaboration.