CCG case management and Continuing HealthCare assessments

At NJ Case Management, we have a diverse team with different qualifications and backgrounds, enabling us to provide holistic and bespoke care and case management for our clients. We have worked for a wide range of legal bodies and solicitors, helping them to represent their clients in the fullest possible way, so they can receive the necessary funding to meet their care needs on an ongoing basis.





child undertaking rehabilitation after injury

Clients referred to us from CCGs with complex care needs:

Spinal Cord Injury

PHB responsibility: Client resides in their own home alone; organised by NJCM

Brain Injury

Case Management and care coordination only; client resides in their own home with parents.

Brain injury and mental health

Client is in rehabilitation stage and resides in a residential home with 24 hour care organised by NJCM

Other CCG cases

We take care of a range of other complex cases with both joint funding or fully funded care





Our case management costs start from £500 per week depending on the intensity, predictability and the nature of the case, for example, if it is a 24 hour support required or support during 9-5 working hours only.

We also take care of CCG referrals for DoLS assessments, mental capacity and best interest assessments. We also take on clients who are referred to us by legal teams and insurance companies.


Costs for reviews are as follows:

DSTs  |  £375.00    Referral Form

CHC Review  |  £275.00    Referral Form

FT Review  |  £175.00    Referral FormR8_altText


We are registered VAT company, but we are exempt from VAT.

There is no VAT charge added to the initial cost.